About my work

In my work I seek tention between day-to-day reality in a physical, impermanent world on the one hand, and a subjective world of dramatic meaning and symbolism on the other. I blend the theatrical, pompeous, or epic with almost misplaced humanity, physicality, stillness, vulnerability or triviality. With these elements I build up layered meaning. The interpretation of the whole always remains a riddle that can only ever partly be solved, and in various different ways.

The premise is never a story but rather abstract elements such as compositions, contrasts, directions and spacings that appear powerful to me. I build up my work from a hodgepodge of gestures, postures, cliché imagery, symbols. The aim is to evoke a universal sense of empathy or compassion even though the context is often alienating or even inhumane.

The melted plastic refers to marble, robes or brush strokes, though rendered in an ordinary, cheap and disposable material. A clear and timeless story about good and evil is replaced by an open question, mortal bodies replace immortal imagery. Warmheartedness and individual attention collides with impersonal coldness or harshness. While the dramatic ingredients appear to be crying out a story, the action - or stillness - is in limbo between myth and day-to-day reality.